What is Staff Integration?

Staff Integration – in it’s basic form may be recognized as Staff Augmentation.  But it’s more than that – it’s a simple and effective way to handle situations where….
1) You have one-off, transitional or non-core projects that don’t justify hiring full-time staff
2) Hiring lead times, costs and/or the disruption created by the hiring process is a burden
3) There is a shortage of qualified people to draw from for your particular needs
4) You need REAL-TIME availability to “integrate” these people into existing teams
5) You need a cost-effective solution for any combination of the above

Today we work remotely, globally, virtually and we are mobile at the same time.  We recognize that software development is a social activity, one that requires Real-Time communication, Real-Time availability, to move projects along effectively, to build products faster and to stay ahead of the competition – and doing so in a cost-effective way.

Using tools such as “Slack” our teams and yours become integrated – the next best thing to being in the same physical space – to help meet your project requirements, product launch or relaunch and to minimize the time and costs to find highly skilled resources for those projects or other situations where hiring full-time staff is not an effective solution

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