Buquebus Announces New Investments

Argentina-based transport company Buquebus (www.buquebus.com.ar) has recently announced they will be expanding the downtown Buenos Aires port terminal and adding a new “Buque” (Ferry) to their fleet, similar to the one added a few years ago (Fransico I – in honor of Pope Francis).

If you plan on going to Argentina and Uruguay – I strongly suggest you consider taking “Buquebus” from Buenos Aires to the Port of Montevideo (approx 2.5 hours one way).  Another option that I like even better (when time allows it) is to take in a trip to Colonia (Uruguay) only 45 minutes from Buenos Aires.  Colonia is a small town popular with Argentine and Uruguayan tourists (and us).  You can walk the old section of town in less than half a day and then take a bus or rent a car to Montevideo.  That will take about 2.5 leisurely hours, allowing time to take in the scenery of rolling, grassy plains and farmlands.  If you’re planning on going to the resort of Punta del Este (highly recommended) it will take roughly 4 hours by ground from Colonia.

Just so you know, don’t expect the River Plate to be crystal blue water – it carries a heavy load of sediment and being one of the largest estuaries in the world, gives the water a brownish tint – nothing to be afraid of.  Whatever you decide, Buquebus is an excellent option, relaxing and relatively fast, for crossing the River Plate (Rio de la Plata).

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